Our Country

Its Been awhile since i’ve posted.. Trying to lay low and absorb Everything that’s going on.. Now im starting to think i do not want to absorb any more.. I mean with the Current Election being a  Complete Joke.. To having Militarized police using Weapons ( rubber bullets, pepper spray. ) against Peaceful Protesters on THEIR land while standing up for rights and what they belive in… My god What has this country come to .. Its sickning… It Deplorable… Its….wait for it….. what we’ve become…. wee are Sheeple … Not people.. we have let our government become corrupt and tax us to the breaking point while making decisions that only benefit them… We have become so In gouged with our electronics and devices we cant take our faces out of our phones long enough to see what we have let this once great country take from us… and what they are trying to take from us.. Our rights… our rights have become something that the government can just sit back and say… Hey you know what… Screw these native Americans … we do not want this pipe line coming through our neighborhood.. lets send it right through theirs… And who cares if we destroy the ancient  grounds and what not.. as long as its not in our neighborhood who cares..

Think about that… for a second. As long as its not in our neighborhood..     that is what 90% of Americans think.. Its not near me … It doesn’t effect me…  its not real… The media is not showing us anything about it… the government will never let this happen…. Well wake up people…… It has and it is happening..  This country makes me sick… we need to unplug our brains from our devices and we need to get back to what really matters family.. friends..  Careing for each other. and most of all.. if something isnt right…. defending our friends/family’s/ brothers sisters… against what our government is doing.. its not right… its not legal.. and its totaly against our Constitution and treaty’s we have … America needs to wake up and wake up quick..


I can not remember the last time my family has had a Real dinner together .. actually spent quality time together..  with this fast paced digital world…  I think i talk to my family more on line then with actual face to face time.. And i think this is 100% of the problem.. we need to get back to what real matters … Each other.


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