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Its Been awhile since i’ve posted.. Trying to lay low and absorb Everything that’s going on.. Now im starting to think i do not want to absorb any more.. I mean with the Current Election being a  Complete Joke.. To having Militarized police using Weapons ( rubber bullets, pepper spray. ) against Peaceful Protesters on THEIR land while standing up for rights and what they belive in… My god What has this country come to .. Its sickning… It Deplorable… Its….wait for it….. what we’ve become…. wee are Sheeple … Not people.. we have let our government become corrupt and tax us to the breaking point while making decisions that only benefit them… We have become so In gouged with our electronics and devices we cant take our faces out of our phones long enough to see what we have let this once great country take from us… and what they are trying to take from us.. Our rights… our rights have become something that the government can just sit back and say… Hey you know what… Screw these native Americans … we do not want this pipe line coming through our neighborhood.. lets send it right through theirs… And who cares if we destroy the ancient  grounds and what not.. as long as its not in our neighborhood who cares..

Think about that… for a second. As long as its not in our neighborhood..     that is what 90% of Americans think.. Its not near me … It doesn’t effect me…  its not real… The media is not showing us anything about it… the government will never let this happen…. Well wake up people…… It has and it is happening..  This country makes me sick… we need to unplug our brains from our devices and we need to get back to what really matters family.. friends..  Careing for each other. and most of all.. if something isnt right…. defending our friends/family’s/ brothers sisters… against what our government is doing.. its not right… its not legal.. and its totaly against our Constitution and treaty’s we have … America needs to wake up and wake up quick..


I can not remember the last time my family has had a Real dinner together .. actually spent quality time together..  with this fast paced digital world…  I think i talk to my family more on line then with actual face to face time.. And i think this is 100% of the problem.. we need to get back to what real matters … Each other.


The Donald courtesy of Washington Post

This Is Explicit be warned This video is from The Washington post to see the full article




Think for Yourself 10/06/16

Think for yourself



May contain some Explicit Language Be advised

Now just a warning. I’m Horrible at writing and putting my thoughts on paper.. and suck at research. but I feel this rant says a lot and hopefully I don’t end up @ gitmo or disappear

A lot of people say keep comments and stuff to yourself. it looks bad to post stuff like this… Well you know what it needs to be said

So … what does the mean. Well let me start by asking…. What do you think it means? Think about it Really hard.

Let me start by Saying, I don’t Lean more towards any one political view.  I am not the most educated person by any means… I work hard every day and end the end have very little… I’m ok with the little I have because what I do have is a family. A wife, an amazing Daughter, Parents that I would not change for anything in the world. who worked hard to give me anything and everything. A Great sister who has an awesome little girl. I’m surrounded by In laws that will try to help whenever they can and a lot of amazing Family and Friends. I’m not rich. by any means. Not even close.

Enough with the history of me… Now what I am really worried about is the history that is un folding right before our eyes.  Every day You see on Facebook People shooting people. People hating people. one big thing that I see right now the past few days… clowns… Now when most people see clowns they think Circus, Carnival, Fair, Balloon Animals some people have feared clowns for years … some more recent .. these clowns are not causing laughter, and joy. they are causing Fear. Now one thing I’m thinking to myself .. Why clowns. what started this craze. What the news states It started in Greenville with “clowns” allegedly trying to lure kids by a dumpster. and Unfortunately they never caught these sick bastards (at the time this was written) Now one thing CNN points out .. is Its Viral Marketing?.


Think about it. It makes sense. Here were are, all talking about clowns. Is someone capitalizing on the fascination?

It wouldn’t be unheard of. Radford says creepy clown imagery has been used in viral marketing before, and the whole point of stunts like that is to get people talking.

In fact, one creepy clown video from Agawam, Massachusetts, has already been revealed to be a viral marketing stunt for a local haunted house. So even if this whole clown thing didn’t start off as a marketing ploy, it’s certainly created some fertile ground.

It’s also hard to ignore the fact that, you know, there’s a remake of the classic horror story “It” coming out next year. While it seems like perfect timing, the movie’s makers aren’t toying with your delicate emotions just to get you in the theaters. A Warner Brothers spokesman told CNN there is “absolutely no connection” between the film and recent clown sightings.”

(source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/05/health/creepy-clowns-rumors-trnd/index.html )

Among other things. they also go on to say It’s a “expression of human anxiety” Or “social Media Fad” etc.

Now let’s stop and think. when I see things like this… and one Facebook post says. “Everyone is going bat shit crazy about clowns. And I’m just wondering What the Government is trying to Distract us from this time. “This makes me stop and think. What are they hiding. I had a conversation with some family members on the way home today from work.  And some how we got on the topic of news .. I mentioned something about what is going on with Russia right now. Some how .. most of Facebook.. and mainstream news missed this one.. or fails to make it a big deal… even tho hey it kind of is. One website (http://www.thesun.co.uk) states “third world war fears have been voiced by the newspapers, of the growing tension between the USA and Syria,”   Now … how many people Can actually say they knew that The US has suspended Relations with Russia over air strikes in Syria. And that Russia is Already Staging Massive Evacuation drills to prepare for war. excuse me . not just any war. a “nuclear war” sad I thought the days of “duck and cover” were over. Now why is this not Headlining CNN . But no. Clowns and Kim Kardashian getting Robbed are.


This tells me a few things.

  • News is run by our Government
  • Apparently Kim Kardashian is bigger than a potential WW3 (and side note its sad when word has Kardashian in spell check… )
  • And we are blind



Now what do I mean by we are blind. Blind to what our past generations and our current Generation is doing

Destroying our country. I remember when the flag meant something people dying for our freedom .. I have family and friends who have fought for this great country. for what they believed in. for You and me. it meant something to them. And still does. yet we see veterans getting turned down for health care. and we are probably starting another war over oil. Or some Other commodity. Or political status. Right now Our country is a Joke to the rest of the nation. we are the laughing-stock of the U.N and what’s really sad is we are letting it happen. We think Congress, and the rest of our government think that elections and what not let us decided what happen, what our country does. or represents… Last I check I don’t remember Bombing Syria being on a Ballot. And another thing that im not going to get into here… The elections … I mean man look who potentially our next president could be…Both are a joke. well save that for another post.


I’ll end it with this. Stop letting the Media and Social media tell you what to Believe. that everything is ok… That Kim Kardashian is front page news. Do research. Think for yourself.  End Rant